Healt Sector - Hospital

Room optimization, compliance with sanitary regulations and fire safety in the building Health/ Hospital

The design of a health/hospital structure must take into account the creation of an environment as functional and welcoming as possible and that can accommodate a large number of people, each with different needs. In addition, due to the heterogeneity of its environments, it is required to comply with particular hygiene standards in addition to those related to fire safety.

Our company is specialized in dry construction innovation and holds the qualification certificate SOA, which certifies the general and special requirements required by the legislation for the performance of public and private activities, is able to build structures such as:

  • OR (Operation Rooms) for hospitals and clinics;
  • physical rehabilitation clinics;
  • outpatient clinics
  • radiological clinics;

and more generally all those areas related to health/ hospital construction.


The strength of our company is the competence of the professionals who work there, their experience. Strategic objectives to guarantee excellent results.


Innovation starts from updating and the ability to invest in the future. by providing innovative construction systems we ensure efficient work.


Our professionalism, attention to detail guarantee high standards to ensure excellence to our customers by responding to their needs.


Thanks to a scrupulous technical service and cutting-edge technological systems, in terms of quality and professionalism, the facilities will guarantee adequate safety.