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The “Know-how” of Damitec as an enterprise in traditional building goes back to the last decade but, the increasing application and the acquired technological ability in line with the times have marked with tenacity the innovation of the dry constructions until to share the criterion of the GENERAL CONTRACTOR. Damitec Srl is engaged in the realization of entire manufactured products and in the restructuring of existing buildings.

Today our philosophy is directed towards modern construction techniques in the private and public sector, devoting maximum attention to energy recovery, sound insulation and fire protection.

Thanks to our technical department, which is constantly engaged in research and development of new methodologies and also thanks to strong commercial partnerships with professionals and operators in the sector, we are able to offer solutions of both innovative and traditional systems assisting the client in the optimization of their choices in both design and execution.

Intervention fields

General contractor

Thanks to the acquired technological capacity we offer our customer turnkey solutions in the construction of entire manufactured products and in the restructuring of existing buildings.


The growing demand for a building project able to limit environmental impacts has pushed us tenaciously towards the innovation of dry construction.


At Damitec, we offer design and system solutions made up of a range of tested and certified materials, and components ensuring effectiveness in compliance with the latest regulations.


Thanks to the acquired skills and specializations in innovative construction methods, we are able to offer state-of-the-art solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation.

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