Hospitality Sector

Interior design, energy efficiency and fire safety in hotel construction.

Interior design, energy efficiency and fire safety in hotel construction.

The specific requirements of the client concern three main aspects:

  • Precision in the execution of the works under construction or renovation, intended as homogeneity in the realization according to the idea established as intended in the project;
  • Adopt innovative solutions, which allow the thermal/acoustic efficiency of the environments optimizing comfort and livability, also providing solutions that are flexible over time and able to meet changes and mutations;
  • Particular focus on the project on safety related to watertight partitioning of fire prevention environments.

Damitec s.r.l. starting from a design system approach related to the specific needs of the sector, is able to realize, thanks to the knowledge of the materials used through the innovative systems/construction solutions, hotel/accommodation facilities that take into account energy efficiency, space optimization and security.


The strength of our company is the competence of the professionals who work there, their experience. Strategic objectives to guarantee excellent results.


Innovation starts from updating and the ability to invest in the future. by providing innovative construction systems we ensure efficient work.


Our professionalism, attention to detail guarantee high standards to ensure excellence to our customers by responding to their needs.


Thanks to a scrupulous technical service and cutting-edge technological systems, in terms of quality and professionalism, the facilities will guarantee adequate safety.